Urgent Skilled Nursing SNF™ Service

The Urgent Skilled Nursing SNFTM Service at West Gables Health Care Center supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.

Therefore, our solution-driven service aims to provide an alternative option to individuals not meeting acute admission criteria, however requiring and/or benefiting from supervisory skilled rehabilitation services, skilled nursing oversight or stabilization.

Patient can expect:

Diagnoses / Signs and Symptoms* for Urgent Skilled Nursing SNFTM and Direct Admission Service Qualification:

* Please Note: List of Diagnoses is not an inclusive list

Urgent SNFTM Payment Options:

Medicare Primary: 3-day qualifying hospital stay within prior 30 days

HMO: Willingness to accept without prior authorization with select HMO/ MCO

Private Pay: Reduced Private Pay All Inclusive Rate promoting the stabilization often necessary to avoid repeat and unnecessary ER/ED visits. All-inclusive services include room/board, meals, therapy, and nursing services.

Download Our Urgent SNF Brochure

Download Urgent SNF Brochure

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