Subacute Rehab

At West Gables Health Care Center, we are dedicated to proactively addressing your subacute rehab needs in a modern and tranquil setting. Our convenient campus location offers unmatched ease of transfer from the nearby hospital and an extensive specialist presence – both tremendous benefits that will help accelerate your recovery. 

Our care team believes in establishing an immediate connection with the patients to ensure each resident is comfortable to ask for questions regarding  treatment or extra assistance with a daily task, or any other concerns they may have.

Reflective of our approach, we start planning your discharge immediately upon admission. Individualized care plans are crafted to ensure optimal healing – fully preparing you for your return home.

Our subacute program is geared towards individuals recovering from orthopedic surgery, stroke, cardiac or pulmonary condition with the goal of restoring independence and maximum function. To get you back to yourself and home as soon as possible, we deliver cutting-edge therapies up to 7 days a week.

Subacute Rehab Benefits:


Do I need subacute rehab?

Subacute or post-surgical rehabilitation is recommended by a healthcare professional. Your physician will inform you  if your recovery will require rehabilitation in a subacute setting, or if you can plan to rehab in your home. For unplanned medical events, such as a heart attack or stroke, your hospital physician and/or discharge planner would be the one to recommend subacute care.

Patients who’ve suffered from a fall, injury or medical condition—such as cardiac, pulmonary, neuro-orthopedic, and other major health events, orthopedic injuries,  can benefit subacute program. 

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